Statistical result of employee monitoring

In each office you will find two types of employees: one who is seriously engaged in its work, concentrates on the performance of the task and performs them 100% efficiently. And there is a second type, that is less focused on its work and spends more time on the Internet. It is important for the employer to have such employees “in shape”, since the employee productivity control is the base of company resources maximization and labor cost reduction. As every successful person embodies the time is money. Every minute that employees spend aimlessly adversely affects the company’s expenses.

A number of studies reflect the statistics of time wasted and its’ costs. We think, that the internationally-held statistical research clearly reflect the problematic cases seen in Georgia:

  • 70% of the pornography sites is visited from 9 am to 5pm (source SexTracker).
  • 64% of employees say, they use the Internet for personal interests during working hours.
  • 37% of employees say, that they constantly surf through the Internet while being at work. (Source
  • 30-40% of productivity is considered being lost because of cyber-slacking. .
  • In USA an average employee spends more than 75 minutes per day on issues not related to work. That translates into an annual loss of $6250 per year, per employee. An average mid-size company of 500 employees could be expected to lose $3.25 million in lost productivity due to Internet misuse. (Source Gallup)
  • 30 to 40% of the Internet use is not related to the work issues (source IDC Research)

According to the companies participating in the research, the following directions are most commonly blocked:

  • Porn sites (96%)
  • Game sites (61%)
  • Social Networks (50%)
  • Intertainment websites (40%)
  • Shopping pages (27%)
  • Sports sites (21%)
  • Blogs (18%)

In the parallel to the surveys, number of employees were surveyed. This query revealed several reasons for ineffective usage of time at work. For the majority of respondents the number one reason is the lack of challenges and development. The other reasons were following: overtime work, the company’s inability to motivate employees, dissatisfaction with their careers and boredom.

Although such massive research has not yet been conducted in Georgia and exact numbers are not known, but judging by the results of the local companies’ efficiency and effectiveness, we are not far from the above data.

Despite all of this, there are many ways using which companies can fight a wing of time. For instance short breaks that allow employees to relax and become more productive, also making restrictions on web pages.

Of course these actions can not completely eradicate the problems but can reduce effects.


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